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Our Product

Portable Humidifier
(Model No : GE-10)

Humidifier Fan,Benson Fan Humidifier,Spot Humidifier Fan

  • Our range of humidifiers are known for their effective working towards achieving complete sterility in seed testing laboratories, seed germinating rooms, green houses, mushroom growing houses and botanical laboratories.

Special Features:

  • High capacity evaporation, 3-5 litre/h.
  • Rotating Disc-Splash plate type.
  • Atomizes water into a fine mist for rapid evaporation.
  • Minimum maintenance.
Humidifier Fan
( Model No : GE-11)

Portable Humidifier For Germination Rooms


Motor : 0.75 H.P.
Power : 400 / 440 V, 3 Phase , 50 Hz
The Humidifier throws approximately 2200/2400
C.F.M. of Air and evaporates up to 40 liters water per hour.

Special Features:

  • Available in two model(Fixed Type & Revolving Type)
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Independent and light weight
  • No ducting required
  • High Evaporating Capacity
  • Uniform distribution of Humidified Air
  • Low operating cost with minimum maintenance

Note: We can also provide Walk In Chamber , Ageing Chambers , Plant Growth Chambers , Controlled Seed Storage Chambers, Climatic Chambers as per user requirements.


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