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Fruit Test Instruments

Our Product

Fruit Sclerometer
(Model No:PFW-04)

Fruit Sclerometer,Penetrometer,Fruit Hardness Testing Instruments

Fruit Sclerometer (Fruit hardness Tester) used to judge fruits' maturity by testing hardness of fruit such as apple, pear, watermelon, banana and so on. It't portable, small on volum and light on weight, display visualized values. It is can be used to fruit tree scientific research department, fruit company, fruit tree farm. Colleges and universities, etc.

This instrument is used to judge fruit's maturity by testing hardness of fruit such as apple, pear, watermelon, banana, etc 
Scale value :0.5-4kg/cm² (X105PA)
Probe size : ¢3.5mm
Accuracy :±0.02
Insertion Depth :10mm
Size : 140*60*30mm
Digital Fruit Penetrometer
(Model No : PFW-05)

Digital Fruit Penetrometer,Fruit Hardness Testing Instruments

Range 0.2 - 15 Kg/cm²
Division value 0.01Kg/cm² - 0.01 Kg/cm²
Pressure head diameter 1'diameter 11.1mm - 2'diameter 7.9mm
Precision ±1%
Display mode Digital ,Six-figure large screen display
Indication error: ±0.5%
Unit Kg/cm2 (¤105 Pa )
Output interface Rs 232 nine-hole socket.
Sensor structure S-type high-precision sensors (inside)
Working temperture: 5 -35  Centi degree
Transport Temperature -10- 60 Centi degree
Humidity 15-80 percent RH
Depth of Thrusting pressure head 10mm
Weight (About)0.6kg
Size 230*66*36(mm)
Universal hand refractometer 0-90 Brix RF.5190
(Model No: PFW-06)

Universal Hand Refractometer

Equipped with 3 scales: 0 - 42%,42 - 71%,71 - 92%
Accuracy : 0.2
Universal hand refractometer for measuring sugar concentrations in marmalades, fruit, honey, syrup a.e.
Digital Refractometer
(Model No :PFW-07)

Digital Refractometer

Min. Div.: 0.0001
Measurement Accuracy: -0.0003
Measurement Range: 1.3330~1.5400
Range: 1.3330~1.5400
Division: 0.0001
Accuracy: -0.0003
ATC - automatic temperature compensation 10 ~ 30 °C (50 ~ 80 °F)
minimum sample volume: 0.3 ml
measuring time:≤3 seconds
power supply: 2 * AAA batteries
battery life:≥ 2000 reading
dimension: 135 ¤ 65 ¤ 40 mm
net weight: 200 grams

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