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Grain Inspection & Grading
(Inspection Tools)

Our Product

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Seed Caliper
(Model No : GIG-12)

Seed Rice Length Dial caliper

Analog Dial gauge to measure length or breadth of seed
Can measure upto 10mm
Digital Seed Caliper
(Model No : GIG-13)

Digital Seed Length Dial Caliper

Analog Dial gauge to measure length or breadth of seed
Can measure upto 10mm
Seed Analysis Kit
(Model No : GIG-14)

Seed Analysis Kit

1 no. Dispensing Balance.
1 no. Hand Magnifier - (4"dia) size
1 set of Parkhi - (9", 12", 14") size.
Scoop Set
1 no. Enamelled plate - (12"dia) size.
1 no. Palm Husker
Measuring cylinders - (10cc, 50cc, 100cc) size.
1 no. Forceps.
1 no. Brass Seed Caliper.
1 no. Petri dish
Packed in a compact brief case specially designed for Seed/Grain Inspectors.
Digital Grain Weighing Scale
(Model No. GIG-15)

Digital Grain Weighing Scale

Available in different models and capacities of 200gm / 2Kg / 5Kg. Our weighing scale can compute test weight as well as weight in grams, ounces.

Special Features:

  • LCD Display.
  • Easy Navigation Manu
  • User selectable parameters setting.
Stereo Microscope
(Model No: GIG-16)

Stereo Microscope

Observation Head Binocular head inclined at 45-deg., rotated through 360-deg with adjustable inter-pupillary distance.
Focusing By Rack and Pinion mechanism with adjustable tension collar.
Magnification Standard magnification 20X & 40X with flat field.
Illumination With integral illuminator, 2 lamps are fitted to provide both transmitted and incident illumination.
Objectives 2 sets of objectives 2X and 4X, selected by rotating nosepiece through 90-degrees.
Eyepieces Standard extra wide field eyepieces WF-10X is provided
Illuminated Purity Workboard with diaphonoscope
(Model No : GIG-17)

Illuminated Purity Work Grain Board,Seed Crack Detactor

Combination Purity Workboard and Diaphanoscope provides a convenient work area on smooth glass surface for seed and grain analysis. A light placed under and shining through the glass assists in critical examination of the sample. Used by grain inspectors and seed analysts. The purity workboard and diaphanoscope is ideal for grain grading and checking for stress cracks, germ damage and seed viability.
Magnification: 4x
Work Area: 8"X5"
Table Size: 24"X11"
Light Source: 2 x 25w CFL
Equipped with two drawers .
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Note: We can also provide Walk In Chamber , Ageing Chambers , Plant Growth Chambers , Controlled Seed Storage Chambers, Climatic Chambers as per user requirements.


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